Teaching Resource of the Month

Understanding Gender Confusion: A Faith Based Perspective

by Denise Shick

Sometimes people think if they pray or wish hard enough, their transgender tendencies will just disappear. This is an unrealistic expectation. It is not reasonable to expect an overnight change in the area of gender or sexual confusion. The problem takes years to develop. The restoration likewise takes a lengthy healing and restorative process-and some very hard work-which typically involves years of serious commitment.


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About the Author

Denise Shick is the Executive Director of Help 4 Families. She is the author of My Daddy’s Secret, When Hope Seems Lost, Understanding Gender Confusion—A Faith Based Perspective and other publications.

Denise is also the Founder of Help 4 Families;  a Christian ministry that compassionately reaches out to family members and brings understanding of the emotional and spiritual issues that families face when a loved one is gender confused.

She has published articles in The Federalist, American Thinker, The Daily Signal, and Barbwire. She serves on the testimonial council with the International Children’s Right Institute and on several other ministry boards. In addition, Denise is an experienced conference speaker and has been interviewed on many Christian radio and television programs.

She has led church-based support group for people with sexual addictions. She served as administrator of family-related issues with Transgender Fellowship. Denise served as a program aid for an alcohol and substance abuse clinic. She also has seven years experience with a Christian pregnancy center in the roles of administrative assistant, volunteer counselor, and later in implementing an abstinence program as the program director.

Denise is an ordained minister and has holds an AS degree in psychology and a BS in Community and Human Services.