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The Game Plan: The Men's 30-Day Strategy for Attaining Sexual Integrity

by Joe Dallas

Men everywhere are under attack - your neighbor, your coworker, your pastor, even your husband. And, even in Christian homes, 40% of men have fallen to this foe that can destroy marriages and ruin lives.

Who is this devastating adversary? Pornography. It floods our airwaves and PCs, assaulting the senses, and luring its prey to return again and again. Drawing from seventeen years of counseling practice, and using material that he's taught for more than ten years, Joe Dallas is helping readers face this enemy. Equipping those who have been caught up in pornography or other forms of sexual sin with the ability to abandon that behavior and never return.

Using the acronym ROUTE - Repentence, Order, Understanding, Training, and Endurance - Dallas walks readers through the steps necessary to attain - and maintain - sexual integrity.


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About the Author

Joe Dallas is the program director of Genesis Counseling in Tustin, California, a Christian counseling service to men dealing with sexual/relational problems. He is the past president of Exodus International and is the author of four books, including Desires in Conflict and A Strong Delusion. Joe has appeared on ABC Evening News, The Joan Rivers Show, The Bible Answer Man, and The 700 Club. He is also a regular speaker at the Focus on the Family "Love Won Out" conferences.