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Destiny Bridge

by Frank Worthen 

FRANK WORTHEN HAS BEEN CALLED MANY THINGS IN HIS LIFE BEGINNING WITH THE WORD QUEER. Homosexuality is a divisive issue today. Many see it as a war between Christians and gays, but what if a Christian has same-sex attractions or conversely, if a gay person is also a Christian? There is likely to be a deep conflict between their faith and their desires. It is a strange and twisted world, a doctor can perform a ghoulish operation to make a man in to a woman and the world applauds his work while the new transsexual now is entitled to government aid to settle into a happy and secure life. Conversely, a gay man who receives help from a therapist to change from gay to straight is considered a traitor to the gay cause and the therapist finds himself subject to disbarment and possible criminal charges. Can gays change? Should they be allowed to change? Are ex-gays the only people group denied free choice? Find the truth for yourself. Read this book, but be forewarned it contains some raunchy episodes and is definitely NOT for children.

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Frank Worthen had been involved in the founding of numerous ministries most of which continue to exist today. Before starting ministry in 1973, Frank was a businessman and a practicing homosexual in the San Francisco area for more than 20 years. After Frank rededicated his life to Christ and left the homosexual lifestyle, he began with an informal counseling outreach. A few years later Frank helped found Exodus International, a world-wide coalition of "ex-gay" ministries.

His first book, Steps out of Homosexuality was published in 1984; this has been followed by several books offering help and education in this specific ministry, the most recently being, Destiny Bridge in 2010 – an autobiography of Frank’s life. Many of his later years were filled with speaking and teaching for Christian groups throughout the country and overseas. Frank had also been the director of three of these ministries.

An Assistant pastor of the Church of the Open Door in San Rafael, California, Frank was married to Anita Thomas in 1984. Anita has worked tirelessly alongside of Frank for all these years.

In 2012, Frank came out of retirement to help found the Restored Hope Network. Frank has since passed on to glory ahead of us.



About the Author

A former gay activist, Joe Dallas is the author of seven books on human sexuality from a biblical perspective. A contributing writer for the Christian Research Journal, he has also written for Christianity Today, the Conversations journal of the Christian Association of Psychological Studies (CAPS), Cornerstone magazine, Focus on the Family's Citizen Magazine, and several other publications. He has appeared on the ABC Evening News, The Bible Answer Man, Focus on the Family, The 700 Club, The Laura Ingram Show, Janet Parshall Live, and many other media outlets. A popular speaker at men's conferences, he speaks regularly in the US and worldwide.